Monday, January 7, 2013

Content is NOT King | by @kabaim

Content Marketing - content is not king
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Content is not king.

The value your content delivers is king.

Content is just a vehicle to deliver value. We need to start thinking of content in terms of the insight, inspiration, entertainment,.etc. it delivers to your audience.  This is key.

In the world of Twitter, tweets are just breadcrumbs - if the thought or insight is short enough, it may be self-contained in a tweet, but most of the time, the tweet is just a teaser, or a piece of information scent for the viewer to get to the real value.

If you take a step back from there, though, what is the purpose of sharing insights, etc?  It is to be seen, to be known by an audience, and finally, to get the audience to take action to your benefit. Otherwise, why create and share content?

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