Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Finding your passion is not an intellectual pursuit | by @kabaim

It just came to me yesterday, as I was doing my morning run to Dolores Park before most of the city is awake: when you lead with your head (mind), you are limiting yourself to all the beliefs you have built up over the years, and many of those are severely limiting beliefs.

But if you allow yourself to feel into your heart and into your gut, and you can align those two 'feelings' (I mean this in a literal, felt sense), then the mind can follow, and enable you to break beyond the bounds of your limiting beliefs.  The mind then can manifest your deepest feelings in the world through spoken or written word, and through acts and actions with your hands.

I finally realized that in order to fully express myself authentically in the world, I need to relinquish my 'intelligence' from the head, and entrust it to my body - to my heart and gut (to my feeling self).  Only then will I truly be able to speak from my truth, and to create new possibilities from this expression.

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