Thursday, January 31, 2013

On Twitter, Everyone is a Personal Brand | by @kabaim

Are you on Twitter?  I mean, do you actually tweet?

Did you know that with every tweet you post, you are emitting a brand signal - you are shaping the perception of those who follow you.  The perception they have of YOU.

Now here's the big question: Do you have any idea what that brand is?  Yes, what brand are YOU?

Some interesting news: you are a personal brand!  Whether you want it or not.

Oh, you're actually tweeting from a company account?   So you're a brand, not a personal brand, right?

Well, here's an interesting take on this idea: on Twitter, everyone is a personal brand.  Yes, even companies and big brands.  There is no difference between a personal and business account on Twitter - we're all the same.  No special treatment for anyone (unless, of course you pay for it through promoted tweets & follows).

So, what is YOUR brand?  Is it something you can be proud of?  Does it reflect the real you, or the YOU you want to be?

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