Monday, March 11, 2013

Content and information is dying... | by @kellylordkim

The following is a guest post by +Kelly Kim 

We need to provide our audience with transformative experiences.

No one needs more information, unless they are doing something very specific -- and they are searching on those terms, i.e. how to purl stitch.

When people are browsing (which they are always doing on Twitter or Facebook, via their streams), they are looking for something to capture their attention and hold it.  They want to be transformed -- or if they don't know THEY want to be transformed (which they do) they at least want to have transformative experiences. 

These would include inspirational experiences, entertaining experiences, experiences which create insight or real shifts.  We want to be moved.  

Even though all these are technically considered "content," the word content sounds so static. Content is not meant to be static, as it has become.  It is meant to be fluid.*

Content marketing at its best is giving people transformative experiences, for free, then asking them to pay for more of the same -- just at at deeper level or longer term.

* Actually this is what Coke said in its epic manifesto on how they consider content -- fluid stories is what they said

+Kelly Kim is co-founder of Twylah - a personal branding platform which provides you the easiest way to build your brand online.  She also tweets as @twylah and @kellylordkim on Twitter.

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