Monday, December 3, 2012

Why is storytelling so effective for learning & persuasion?

Stories teach.  Stories sell.

So why does storytelling work?  What makes it work?

Soon after my last post, Kelly and I got on a hangout to dive into the subject some more.  

Storytelling is both auditory and visual, as you are creating images in your mind to mirror the interpretation of the story.

This allows the right and left brain to work in concert and transcends the normal activity of the brain. So the story goes beyond the brain and into heart and gut – there are feelings, perceptions and emotions go along with it.  So it is a whole brain, whole body activity.

Learning then becomes more holistic and better retained.

Potentially also if one’s left brain is the only part of the brain activated as you tell your brand story, more challenges will come up as a result of hearing that story.  After all, the left brain is responsible for analytical and critical thinking.

Additionally, when you tell a story, you don’t give all the details, you leave some blanks for the listener to fill in.  This is participatory learning on the part of the listener – as they transpose themselves into the world you’re creating through your story.  As a brand, how incredible would it be to transpose your prospects and clients into the world you’ve created with your brand and your business.

Next time you hear someone telling a story, try to focus of how it impacts you - what happens as you hear the story, what images and feelings do you experience?

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